Specialized Masters

Centrale Marseille offers a Specialized Masters in Engineering and Marine Energy, accredited by the Conference of Grandes Écoles.


Specialized Masters (SM) are postgraduate professional training programmes which aim to offer either a specialization or dual competence by acquiring unique knowledge in a specific field or sector where companies have expressed a real need. They benefit from close ties established by the Grandes Écoles with their research laboratories with the world of enterprise which guarantee both rigour and technical expertise, while meeting corporate expectations in terms of executive and managerial personnel. As in their more traditional courses, the Grandes Écoles propose a more subtle and evolutive approach to Specialized Masters programme by organizing students into small work groups and by ensuring the quality of their teaching programme.

MS in Engineering and Marine Energy

Currently, the field of offshore oil and gas exploitation is developing strongly, due to higher prices for petrol and in a massive increase in demand for gas, a situation which is further amplified by concerns about the future of the civil nuclear industry. In addition to the deployment of technological experience, this development requires a wide range of innovative approaches to recuperating more hydrocarbons in increasingly complex conditions (arctic zones, much deeper seabeds, greater distances from coasts, serious environmental constraints, etc.). At the same time, the emergence of renewable energies that do not produce greenhouse gasses has led to a major development in renewable marine energies which are currently reaching different levels of maturation. This study programme aims to ensure that engineers have the specific skills needed to respond to these technological challenges.


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