Masters and Doctorate

By offering engineering students an opportunity for a parallel enrolment in a Master and thus encouraging them to continue with a PhD, Centrale Marseille contributes to the development of future scientific discoveries.


Academic studies and research

Students will learn about the importance of carrying out research throughout their career in order to generate and accompany innovation in enterprises. This approach becomes even more intense in Years 2 and 3.
In Year 2, students can spend one semester working in a foreign research laboratory.
Laboratory research at Centrale Marseille is a key element in the Year 3 Engineering courses. Currently we estimate about 20 of our students per year will take up an internship in a laboratory during Years 2 or 3 of their studies.

Masters course and Year 3 in parallel, for generalist engineers

Students are allowed to study for a Masters (M2) research degree in parallel with their Year 3 course. Over the years, the Department of Studies has signed agreements with a number of institutions and organizations that will give students an opportunity to follow both programmes.
Dynamic scientific research with young engineering researchers and specially selected foreign students.
Dynamic research also requires the contribution of young and brilliant PhD students in research laboratories.
The Centrale Marseille programmes of studies and the demanding selection process for foreign students from the Ecole Centrale network of partners (TIME, CSC China, etc.) meets this criterion.
Agreements with the best foreign universities have already been signed for co-supervision of PhD students.


The world of research, with many laboratories, allows students to be trained to carry out very high quality research. Training in research Centrale Marseille is authorized to supervise Masters research, in collaboration with Aix-Marseille Université, (see list below) and a number of doctorants are supervised by Centrale Marseille lecturers/researchers.

In Year 3, Centrale Marseille students can enrol for a Masters in Research in fields for for which the necessary agreements have been established. Centrale Marseille professors are heavily involved in the conception and organization of these research programmes. Special arrangements have been put in place for coordinating classes and timetables in order to allow engineering students to register and follow several specialized areas for a Masters in Research during Year 3 of their studies at Centrale Marseille.

The Master program prepares students either for further study at the doctoral level or for direct placement in high-level positions in leading companies.

Centrale Marseille proposes a new master program fully taught in EnglishMaster’s programme in Complex Systems Engineering

In line with the other Aix-Marseille Université schools, Centrale Marseille is authorized to co-supervise Research Masters and to attract international students to its Masters degree courses.

Centrale Marseille is authorized to co-supervise Masters in Research in the following fields:

MASTERS in Law, Economics, Management
  • ECONOMY - 4 specialities
MASTERS in Sciences, Technologies, Health
  • CHEMISTRY  - 4 specialities
  • SIGNAL AND IMAGE PROCESSING - 4 specialities
  • COMPUTER SCIENCE - 6 specialities
  • MATHEMATICS & STATISTICS - 6 specialities
  • MECHANICS - 5 specialities
  • MECHANICAL ENGINEERING - 3 specialities
  • PHYSICS - 4 specialities
  • STAPS: Engineering and ergonomics of physical activity - 1 speciality

Dynamic scientific research by encouraging young research engineers and carefully selected foreign students.

Research is given a new dynamism through the presence of excellent young doctoral students in research laboratories. This is made possible by ECM’s study programme and a stringent selection process for foreign students from ECM’s network of sister organisations (TIME, CSC China, etc.).

Conventions covering the co-supervision of theses have been signed with the best foreign universities and institutes.


As part of its mission to provide training for and through research, Centrale Marseille prepares students for careers in research and development, in both the public and private sectors. With over 50 doctoral students this year, the School demonstrates its strong dynamism and shows that its gamble on this type of training maintains all its appeal amongst young engineers.

Doctoral students come from many horizons: 19% of them from the School,  and 81% are international students.

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