Engineering Studies

Following a common multidisciplinary programme of courses, each student receives personal assistance in putting together their study programme in preparation for their chosen career speciality.


Taught in French.

The Ecole Centrale Marseille offers a generalist engineering study programme designed to correspond to changes in the profession of engineer and needs for engineering skills. During their studies, Centrale Marseille students are given training in a solid and wide range of scientific and technical skills. They will learn about the complexity of technological systems, the management of companies and the profession of engineer through a study programme designed by and for enterprise (courses, projects, internships). They are trained in communications skills and teamwork while benefiting from excellent opportunities for understanding international business. They are encouraged to take control of their personal development through involvement in a wide range of associations and other activities.

Each Centrale Marseille student can choose to follow all or part of their study programme while working in an enterprise. Several combinations are available for working in enterprise in Years 1, 2 or 3. These students are given a job contract from their employer and are therefore considered to be employees, and not students, during their studies at Centrale Marseille.

For science enthusiasts who want to explore the world of research, engineering students admitted to Centrale Marseille (excluding incoming double degree) have the opportunity to give a search staining to their training by participating in a project research in partnership with the Centrale  Marseille laboratory partners in the first year. The engineering student divides his time between Centrale Marseille and laboratory.

Engineering study programme


With a common and demanding multidisciplinary core, the pedagogical project assists each student throughout his studies in function of its aspirations and the business needs.  The duration of the training is three years, and the philosophy is embodied in a two stage-course:

1st period (Semesters 5, 6 & 7)
Shared knowledge & Development of skills 

During the first two semesters, students need to acquire knowledge in the basic scientific disciplines, but also in terms of languages and international cultures or even social sciences. They learn to solve complex problems (especially in the context of a “cross-project”), within the corporate world (internship), and then they proceed to the first choice of courses (“electives”). Finally, the students develop skills that are relevant to their personal and professional project.
The first semester (S7) completes the core curriculum with options to deepen 1st year subjects and begin to personalize your course.

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2nd period (Semesters 8, 9 & 10)
Internationally openness & Custom training 

During the fourth semester (Spring semester - S8), training is customized. 50% of the students do a stay abroad, for academic and / or business internship purposes. Students wishing to continue their studies at Centrale Marseille choose, in the guide, one of the multidisciplinary trainings dedicated to major scientific and societal challenges (health, energy, environment...). This offer, which is specific to Centrale Marseille, involves an innovative pedagogy.

Deepening your knowledge & Professional commitment 

During the last pedagogical “sequence” you have an imposing multiplicity of choices. You can choose between a multitude of combinations: 5 deepening options and 6 Jobs “channels”. In parallel, you can choose a Master of Science between more than twenty entries, which cover a wide disciplinary spectrum. Outside the Ecole Centrale Marseille, there are numerous pathways allowing you to follow “specific training strategies”. You have the possibility to add two semesters to your training through an international double degree, a professional or academic “césure” or “gap year” or further training in another Central School ... To finish your studies you need to complete a “Travail de Fin d’Etudes “ or a “Final Study Project”. It is realized within a company or a laboratory, in France or abroad. In this way, the student finds himself in a concrete situation as an engineer. He/she has to demonstrate his/her ability to conduct a high-level study project on a scientific, technical and methodological level.

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