Join our World Class Master in Biomedical Engineering and Management!

Publié le 25 Février 2022

Applications are open! Join our World Class Master in Biomedical Engineering and Management!

10th March webinar

In 45 minutes, we invite you to discover  how to apply to Engineering studies taught in English in France, the possibilities to work during and after your studies and accelerate your professional evolution, the possibility to enter directly Master 2, the vibrant city of Marseille, France, and much more...

Why joining us?

🌍 Do you strive to tackle future challenges for global health and welfare ? Then, choose a career in the Biomedical Engineering field!

🎓 Centrale Marseille organises an interactive Webinar, 45 minutes to present its MScT in Biomedical Engineering and Management.

🌳 The programme is a Full English Track Master, exploring a wide span of the biomedical engineering field, including biophysics, biochemistry, biomechanics, tissue modeling, multimodal medical imaging, data reconstruction and processing...

🔬 Experience up to 10 months of internships in high-level scientific environments & companies in the biomedical sector.


During the webinar, you will interact with:

  • Julien Fade, Ph.D., the program’s academic director, on the added value of this program from an academic and professional perspective


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