Many Centrale Marseille Research Master’s programs  are open to foreign students arriving after the first year of a Master's degree program in an approved course of study.
Such students are admitted directly into the second year of a Master's at the Ecole after outstanding first-year results from their university of origin.


Admission to 2nd year (M2): M1 degree, or equivalent, in the field required by each thematic field and selection by admission committee.

Applications: from February to April through Campus France

Depending on the thematic field, the nature of the application and the date of its validation, the response time can vary from a month to a few months.
Anticipate the deadline to submit your application form. Besides, if you are foreign and need apply to the consular authorities for your prior visa for studies, take into account that the imperative delay can prove extremely long.

Master's program (mostly taught in French)

Master’s programme in Complex Systems Engineering (fully taught in English)