Master of Science and Technology in Complex Systems Engineering (MScT CSE)

This programme answers the need of Global Engineer, trained at an international level, able to design, implement and manage “Complex Systems”. 2 tracks, in Environmental Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, bring complementary expertise for urgent worldwide challenges.

A “complex system” can be defined as a system including multiple elements with different and variable individual behaviors which interact to produce the overall system behavior. This very general definition clearly reveals that a large number of environmental, biological and even human systems can be qualified as complex.


The MScT CSE mixes Sciences and Management courses, and combines analytical rigor with creativity, research with implementation, in a multicultural environment. This international master prepares students and young professionals for careers in companies, global corporations or non-governmental organizations, or research to pursue their studies by a PhD.

Our supports

National Diploma - Master's degree accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education

The MScT CSE of Ecole Centrale Marseille is a world-class research and higher education programme, supported by the A*MIDEX label, the Aix-Marseille Initiative of Excellence. Learn more about A*Midex here

The programme has close ties with the Chaire UNESCO Unitwin 651, and promotes the Sustainable Development Goals, promoting prosperity while protecting the planet. Learn more about Unitwin 651 here

Global Experience

+ A full-time 2 years programme
+ Taught in English
+ Organized around major societal issues: Environmental Engineering (track-2E ) and Biomedical Engineering (Track BME)
+ Courses are delivered on the Campus, Ecole Centrale in Marseille, and online.
+ The programme includes more than 8 months of internship in Laboratories or Companies, in France or abroad
+ Upon completion, students will get a French State Degree (National Master's Degree) recognized all over the world.

  • Small cohorts with solid scientific background, coming from all over the world, willing to learn sciences and management to impact the world.
  • High-level classes delivered by renowned professors, experts in their field of research. Profiles and courses here
  • Diversified knowledge and activities: Sciences and management classes, research in Labs, internship in a Company (in France or worldwide), Intercultural and Languages courses, Conferences and Webinars, Students activities…
  • A dedicated team to ensure integration and connection within the School and its ecosystem: International Affairs, Career Department, Students Union and Alumni Association

Ecole Centrale Marseille promotes the values of Excellence, Innovation and Responsibility, and belongs to the prestigious Groupe des Ecoles Centrales, the public reference in Engineering education in France and worldwide. The School is involved in International Networks: TIME, RMEI and Gay Lussac, and contributes to the main International Programmes: Erasmus+, Brafitec.


The programme has been designed as an “On Campus” scheme. The current worldwide Sanitary Crisis may restrict International Mobility, and Ecole Centrale Marseille adjusts its organization to help applicants and secure selected students.

The Master CSE is a unique International Programme in Complex System Engineering with a core programme and 2 specializations related to priority worldwide topics : Environment and Biomedical.

Complete Programme: Content 140ECTS / 1 150h / Full English Track

Environmental Engineering (CSE 2E)

CSE 2E Syllabus adresses land-use planning in a context where climate change imposes global sustainable solutions: Urban warming, Energy efficiency, Water management, Aridity, Soil Erosion and Desertification, Air pollution, Green processes and Circular Economy, Risk management 

Biomedical engineering (CSE BME)

CSE BME addresses the complexity of the future challenges of biomedical engineering: Systems Modeling & quantitative imaging, Material science for BME, Bioinformatics, Multiphysics and multiscale modeling, Imaging devices & signal and image processing, Biostatistics, Machine learning, Biotechnologies & chemical therapy

MScT CSE students have access to the 7 laboratories of the school and all the collective facilities and events. Connect our Campus Section, and learn more about our Students Facilities and Practical Information


➡️ Download leaflet and application form.

The Master of Sciences and Technology in Complex Systems Engineering is open to students and young professionals from all over the world. Diversity of cultural background and gender are valued. The master’s course is fully taught in English - B2 level (independent user) is required

Direct entry

Undergraduate / Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS) - with a strong background in sciences: physics, mechanics, applied mathematics, civil engineering, or engineering sciences. Direct entry in M2 is possible with a validated M1 (60 ECTS) or relevant professional experience. + Engineer Students from Centrale Marseille can apply for the Master (M2) for their Césure (S7 / S8)

The application process is organized in three stages:

Please contact us by email at by sending :

  • application form completed (download below)
  • CV
  • motivation letter
  • transcripts of your last grades
  • copy of your last diploma
  • one or two letter(s) of recommendation
  • copy of your passport

Your application will be examined by the teaching team, who will contact you as soon as possible.

If your application is preselected, an interview will be organized (face to face or via video conference).

Dual degree & exchange students  

Engineer Students from Partner Universities can apply for the CSE Degreeor Credits via their home university. Check our International Network here

Apply via your Home University: Your nomination must be sent to Your application will be processed through our international platform Mobility Online (access here). The code for the programme is Ecole centrale de Marseille – Master CSE.

Engineer Students from Cairo University with a 4 years Bachelor in Sciences from C.U: Apply to Ecole Centrale Marseille via the International Service of Cairo University. Your nomination must be sent to


+ Applications are open until May 1st, 2023

Fees and scolarships

  • European Students: 6 743 € / year*
  • Non-European Students: 10 270 € / year*
  • European students enrolled in or coming from either a member institution of the RMEI or a partner institution of the Ecole Centrale de Marseille with which an agreement has been signed: 50% discount on the European student rate
  • Non-European students enrolled in or coming from either a member institution of the RMEI or a partner institution of the Ecole Centrale de Marseille with which an agreement has been signed: 50% discount on the non-European student rate

* indexed to the Master's tuition fees defined by ministerial decree + including additional modules in soft skills/management

Specific exemption for Centrale Marseille's preferred partners with whom an agreement is in force: one total exemption per course and per year (M1 and M2) for each partner, according to academic success criteria (based on the decision of the admissions committee)

Scholarships: EIFFEL - CROUS Other financial supports

Possible exemption from all or part of the tuition fees, depending on the student's personal situation (decision made by an idependant commission, after payment of registration fees)

Career prospects

+ This Master's programme is designed to provide its students with the specialist knowledge and transferable skills to pursue careers in companies, global corporations or non-governmental organisations or for those interested by research to pursue their studies by a PhD.

+ This Master’s programme aims to train project manager engineers capable of managing complex projects.

+ Following the Environmental engineering master’s programme, typical careers involve the provision of high-quality environmental consulting services, performing research for complex planning and development projects, leading the definition and/or execution of environmental strategy, etc. Example of positions: engineer addressing air and water pollution monitoring, control and/or forecasting, landscaping for urban climate control, flood prevention, CFD for environmental/energy analysis, etc.

+ The Biomedical engineering master’s programme is designed for the main biomedical engineering specialities: biomechanics, medical imaging, biomedical instrumentation, orthopaedics, clinical engineering, etc. Your scientific & technical skills as well as those acquired in project management and change management will open up numerous employment opportunities, in particular in Research & Development engineering, consultant engineering, audit engineering, academic project engineering, and management.


Head of the MScT CSE : Pr Olivier BOIRON
Administrative Manager: Ms Alice RAGEOT


Information on the management of personal data:
The data filled in the application form will be subject, once received, to automated processing subject to the regulations relating to the protection of personal data. Centrale Marseille, as the controller of this processing, takes all appropriate measures to ensure compliance with its obligations. More information