3rd year - Professionalization

Reinforcing knowledge & professional commitment


Last period (Semesters 9 and 10, with the possibility of Semesters 11 and 12)

The final courses in the Centrale Marseille Engineering programme cover an impressive range of options.

Students can choose between a combination of 6 more advanced options and 6 fields of engineering.
At the same time, they can opt for a Research Masters degree in some 20 specialized areas in a wide spectrum of disciplines.
In addition other options are available outside Centrale Marseille, thus allowing students to set up a personalized programme for their last two semesters and the possibility of an additional two semesters: international double degree, gap year for other professional or academic pursuits, or transfer to another École Centrale.

At the end of their study programme, students are required to submit a Final Dissertation to be prepared in an enterprise or a laboratory in France or abroad: students will take on the role of engineer and must provide evidence of their ability to manage a high level academic, technical and methodological project.

Year 3 (semesters 9 and 10) completes the Centrale Marseille cycle of engineering studies. A real springboard for their future, this programme prepares students for a career that reflect their own preferences and ambitions. It seeks, on the one hand,to consolidate and extend their knowledge in one or more disciplines and, on the other, to personalize their professional profile.

In common with the rest of the Ecoles Centrales Group, the Year 3 programme has five components:

  • a core course on corporate management and project management
  • an extension course
  • a professional specialization course
  • international languages and civilization
  • a Final Dissertation (prepared over 4 to 6 months).

The Core Course

Regardless of the choices made by students for their Year 3 programme, they will all participate in team projects and will quickly learn how to take responsibility. The subjects taught during this core course are designed to allow the engineering students to become operational, by improving their understanding of problems in terms of teamwork strategy, law, marketing and international relations.

The topics covered by the core course will be:

  • project management and organization,
  • management of innovation and creativity,
  • management of colleagues and teams,
  • strategic management,
  • management of contracts and clients,
  • management of legal issues,
  • international management.

Extension course: advanced studies in chosen engineering speciality

Through the development of scientific and technological skills in one or several disciplines, the extension course seeks to train high-level generalist engineers in mastering methods of analysis, control, conception, and optimization of complex systems.

Regrouped in 6 major fields, the options offered by Centrale Marseille have the following common elements:

  • confrontation with the complexity of one or more disciplines by taking a scientific approach and mastering basic theoretical tools,
  • concrete business situations based on industrial projects and case studies,
  • original and innovative teaching approaches,
  • a high-level professorial school closely linked to Research and Business.

The 6 extension courses offered by Centrale Marseille

BiotechnoloGy, EngineeRing, Environment, Energy - BGREE Course
Coordinators: Damien Herault - Audrey Soric

Photonics and Innovative Systems - PIS Course
Coordinator: Nicolas Sandeau

Industrial Acoustics - Coordinator: Cédric Maury
Modelization of Structural and Material Mechanics - Coordinator: Thierry Désoyer
Fluids: energy, transport, environment, health - Coordinator: Fabien Anselmet
Marine Engineering - Coordinator: Olivier Kimmoun

Mathematics, Management, Economics, Finance 
Financial Mathematics - Actuarial Sciences - Entrepreneurial Finance and Strategy
Coordinators: Renaud Bourles - Christophe Pouet

Consulting, IT & Data
Coordinator: Pascal Préa 

Signals, Images & Communications
Signals and Perception - Coordinator: Muriel Roche
Communicating Systems - Coordinator: Caroline Fossati

Professional Speciality

As generalist engineers, Centrale Marseille graduates will work in a wide range of professional specialities and will be employed in a variety of different roles throughout their career.
Specialist courses will give them the professional skills needed for each phase in their future career. The ‘ultimate’ objective is to encourage them to see the world of business from the wider perspective and to prepare them for the opportunities and changes in career that they will one day have to confront.
Through their discovery of the engineering profession, the accent will be placed in particular on: 

  • being innovative and taking the initiative,
  • demonstrating aptitude for communication and teamwork,
  • taking responsibility and providing leadership displaying versatility and adaptability.

The 6 professional specialities offered by Centrale Marseille

Research and Development 
Coordinator: Caroline Fossati

Conception, Design Office
Coordinator : Christian Jalain

Production, Logistics
Coordinator: Cécile Loubet

Audit & Consulting
Coordinator : Mohamed Belhaj

Coordinator: Françoise Perrin

Operational Management 
in partnership with the IAE Centre d'Aix-en-Provence
Coordinators: Françoise Perrin (ECM) and Delphine Chazalon (IAE)

Final Dissertation (TFE)

During this longer period, students take on the role of engineers working at the heart of industry or research in France or abroad. It will allow them to apply the knowledge (both technical and scientific) and skills (project leadership, management) acquired throughout their Centrale Marseille programme. They will take charge of an entire technical project or participate in a current research and development project in which they must display, test and develop their scientific imagination, curiosity and rigour.
This last phase of the Centrale Marseille Engineering Programme is vital for preparing them for their first job, since potential employees often recruit interns after they have completed their final dissertation.

Variations to Year 3

Together with, or in place of, Year 3 at Centrale Marseille, the following options are also available :

  • A double course in Engineering and Research. Linked to their chosen extension course, all students wishing to opt for R&D or to prepare a doctorate will have an opportunity to study, in parallel, for a Masters in Research linked to their study preferences.
  • A double degree with one of Centrale Marseille’s partner schools in France (DD with IAE Aix-en-Provence and, after 2014, Sciences Po Aix).
  • A double degree with a foreign partner university or engineering school having a convention with the Écoles Centrales Group (2 years at Centrale Marseille, following by 2 years in the partner university).
  • A year in a foreign university with one of our many partner universities (validation of ECTS credits).
  • Transfer to another member of the Ecoles Centrales Group (dependent on acceptance of application).
  • Gap year to take on a personal or professional project.